What We Do

VFW Post 9143 Support Programs

Our Veterans, The United States, Georgia, Forsyth County, & the City of Cumming


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We Support our Veterans
  • Defend Veteran Benefits with lobbying voice
  • Provide education on Veteran Benefits
  • Provide meals/ comfort/ aid to the hospitalized
  • Provide AD&D insurance supplement
  • Provide discount programs to members
  • Support the VFW National Home for Orphans
We Support Our Troops
  • Adopt-A-Unit
  • Military Assistance Program
  • Operation Uplink
We Support our Community
  • Support to other non-profit groups & organizations
  • Sponsor communit recognition programs
  • Health Care provider of the Year
  • Fire Fighter of the Year
  • Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
  • Public Easter Egg Hunt
  • July 4th Parade Flag Give-Away
  • Holiday gift Baskets for Thanksgiving
  • Holiday gift Baskets for Christmas
  • Christmas Party for Kids
  • Conduct Pulic Tuesday & Saturday BINGO
  • Operate Fall/Winter Public Turkey Shoot
  • Sponsor Team Golf
We Support Americanism & Patriotism
  • Memorial Day Program - Recognition of Fallen Heroes
  • Veterans Day Program - Recognition of all who have served
  • Recognize all National Holidays: Patriots Day, Pearl Harbor Day, etc.
We Support Our Schools and Our Youth
  • Flags in the classroom/to the schools
  • Veterans in the classroom
  • Teacher of the Year Award
  • Voice of Democracy
  • Patriots Pen
  • Edward L Woods Scholarship Program
  • We Host Boy Scout Troop 39, the largest troop in Georgia
  • Sponsor the Scout of the Year Recognition Program
  • Suppor PTO/BINGO Fundraisers
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Last updated on September 12, 2021