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  • Student ScholarshipsWe offer cash prize scholarships worth a bundle to students for their Patriotic essays. See our Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen Pages.
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas food, gifts, and toys No one should be hungry in America and no kid should not shar in the joy of Christmas. We do all we can to share our blessings.
  • gifts to our schools Forsyth Count School District opened 5 new schools this year. As we always do, we provided new flags for each classroom and school. That's 385 classroom flags and 5 outdoor flags. Way to go!!
  • Recognize National Holidays Do you remember Flag Day? How about Armed Forces Day? Around Here, there's no way we'll forget Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
  • Recognize our Public Servants We host an annual awards banquet where first responders are recognized for their humble service. We honor EMT's, Police, and Fire Fighters.
  • Prayer and Shares Do you remember to count your blessings everyday? How often do you count them? Perhaps too few to count? We can help. Get Involved. Keep us informed of service members that need our prayers and also those that have good news to share. Please send email updates to: God Bless Our Troops, Our Veterans, and their families.
  • Please become a Sponsor, Sponsor Benefits Include:
    • Promote your Business Support Our Veterans and Promote Patriotism all through your tax-free donations
    • Support Our VeteransVeteran Benefits are just not enough
    • Support Our Armed Forces Show them you care. Help us provide gifts from home.
    • Inspire Patriotism Show your Patriotism by supporting those who served us.

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Last updated on September 12, 2021