Patriots Pen 2021 - 2022 Theme

"How can I be a good American ?"

2021 - 2022 Winners are:
1st Place - Nirja Abul Kumbhani
2nd Place - Jaylan Abbasova
3rd Place Tie -
Elizabeth Garman
and Iksha Androlla

Voice of Democracy 2021 - 2022 Theme 

"America: Where Do We Go From Here?"

2021 - 2022 Winner is:
1st Place - Noah W Pearce

VFW Auxiliary

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary is a national, patriotic, non-profit organization established in 1914. We show unwavering support for real American heroes and live by the motto, "Honor the dead by helping the living."

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Additional Links

Here you will be able to find additional links to help you, such as membership stats, find a vfw post, vets resources, vets museum, VA healthcare, and more.

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